Thursday, January 15, 2009

Find me on Artfire!

I am making the big switch from Etsy to Artfire. After reviewing Artfire and everything it offers, I decided it was best for my business to make the move. Etsy is set up nicely and is pretty easy for buyers to find items they are looking for, but it's not the best set up for sellers. Artfire gives me things I have been wanting from Etsy. First of all, it's alot more affordable. When you are selling $1 and $2 items, the listing fees can really take a big chunk out of the little profit you make. With Artfire, I pay a monthly fee of $7 and I can list as many items as I want. No listing fees and no selling fees. Plus when a buyer searches for something, the results are random. So not just the person who just listed something shows up. No need to keep relisting your items just to show up in a search result.Another change is that my name will no longer be Sock Monkey Greetings on Artfire. Although I do have a shop there with that name, I am no only going to be actively selling under the name of "With Our Hand". My mom and myself will be selling our crafts together on this shop. She makes beautiful scarves. Be sure to check out our new site and let me know what you think.http://withourhands.artfire.comI'm really going to miss the friends I have made on my Etsy teams but I look forward to meeting some new friends and hopefully some of the same faces on the Artfire Teams.

2 comments: said...

Wow! Nice site. I love it.

Delightful Stitches said...

Your ArtFire site is great, I'm sure you will be very successful on ArtFire. I am also switching over from Etsy to Artfire, so I understand what you're saying.