Sunday, August 30, 2009

Say Hello to Christie from Stitch'N Love

I was so lucky to have Christie sponsor a giveaway on my other blog, Front Porch Reviews. She gave away a beautiful Patriotic outfit. Christie's shop on Artfire is called Stitch'N Love Boutique. Besides the beautiful Patriotic clothing, she makes other children's clothing plus accessories for you and your child.

Christie has been selling online for a little over a year. She learned how to sew as a teenager and has always been interested in crafts. When she originally started Stitch'N Love, it was to make quilts. She then moved into handbags, hairbows, nap mats and then it exploded into making clothing. She now does a little bit of everything and hopes to have a full service online boutique.

I stopped by her Artfire shop to see what items caught my eye to spotlight here. Here are a few of my favorites:

Playtime TeePee
Kids LOVE to play and hide, why not let them play and hide in this indoor/outdoor playtime tepee?
Made from cotton fabric and birch wooden poles, they will have a wonderful time in and out of this play area. Tepee measures about 40" square at the bottom. Two preschoolers can fit inside! Even a 12 year old did! Poles are around 60". Poles are encased in the tepee but can come out for easy washing of the tepee if it ever needs to be cleaned! Door opening is about 25". The flaps can be thrown over to the poles for wide open entry or hang down for the little bit of "Privacy" that little ones love to have!
Can be set up indoors (great for watching cartoons and such too) or outdoors. Not advisable to keep outside for extended periods of time or in rain. Is not waterproof.

Oogle-Google Eyed Monster Pillow
Oogle-Google Eyed Monster isn't so scary. Actually, he is quite sweet and loves to cuddle! Those yellow teeth smiling at you let's you know that he is up to something!

Christie has offered a 15% discount to my blog readers. Use Coupon Code ACT2009 during the checkout process. Valid until September 2, 2009.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everyday Moments

Today we are spotlighting a great shop called EverydayMoments. She's from Gainesville, Florida and has been taking pictures for 20 years. The jewelry on her website is made by her 8 year old daughter. I love mother/daughter collaborations on Artfire as that is what my shop, withourhands is about.

To the right is a print of her Love Tree. She turned the photo to black and white and brought back the red in the petals. I love the love tree.

Robin is also offering free shipping until 28th August 2009. Time to start your holiday shopping.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bows for Baby

The last couple of weeks I have been introducing you to some of my fellow Cafemom Artfire Guild Members. Today we have Kelsey from Bows for Baby. Kelsey is also a member of my Homefront Guild (a guild for Military Family Members that sell on Artfire).

At Bows for Baby you can find Bug Bows, Crochet Sets, Hand Crochet Beanies, Hand Crocheted Booties, Misc Clips, Simple Clips, Stacked Pinwheel Bows - L, Tuxedo Clips, Large Pinwheel Bows, Mini Korkers, Small Pinwheel Bows, Tutus and more that values between $1-$25!!

My baby girl is now 17 years old and unfortunately she doesn't wear bows in her hair anymore. I wish Bows for Baby was around 15 years ago. I love the Butterfly Bows that she makes.

I also love these cute crochet booties.

Kelsey is offering 15% off everything in her store (excluding custom orders) during the next three days (expires August 25, 2009). So hurry on over and start your Christmas Shopping early.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing Arlene from Spirit Essence Art

Name: Arlene Holtz

Product Range: Watercolor paintings, Oil paintings, Fused Glass Art Pieces, Fused Glass Jewelry

Experience: I started with glass as my preferred medium to work in over 25 years ago, doing custom stained glass windows for people and even having my own supply and gift shop. Eventually I discovered fused glass and added this to my list of passions. Now I am doing more painting, and it has become just as big a passion, first using oils and now watercolor paints. I have dabbled a little with acrylic paints also of late. I just love being creative and experimenting.

Anything Else: I work at home in my own studio in western Pennsylvania and have my art listed exclusively on Artfire for now. I am an active member of Artfire Cafemom Team Guild and also Guild Master of A Passion For Painting Guild there.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spotlight on DJStoreRoom

Next on the list for the Artfire Cafemom Guild Power Up is Diana from DJStoreRoom.

Name: Diana

Shop Name: djstoreroom

URL Links:,,,,

Product Range: PDF Sewing Tutorials with Sewing Patterns for Zip Pouches and Wristlets, Vintage Buttons, Handmade Bags and Purses, Handmade Vintage Button Bracelets and more...

Experience: I started sewing during my school days and totally stopped once I finished my O'Levels.. And, I couldnt believe that I got first place for fashion and fabrics in the whole school.. It was only when my daughter was born that I started sewing again.. To get back my skills, I went online and registered for a long distance course on Dressmaking and Design. Today, I sew and craft daily with my daughter. Many times, I sew using my own patterns and decided to share my them online through pdf sewing patterns. These include really simple english, lotsa pictures and sewing patterns to print, cut and use immediately! Perfect for the busy sewers like you and me...Special Promotion: Free Reversible Pin Cushion Sewing Tutorial with Sewing Pattern with each purchase of a Pdf Pattern

AnythingElse: I love sewing!! It helps to keep me stress-free.

I stopped by Diana's Artfire shop and here are my favorite items!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unique Gifts on Artfire

Did you know that Christmas is only 141 days away? Take a look at the unique gifts available on Artfire. Don't give the same gift that everyone else is giving - give them something unique to them.


This little pouch was designed to carry all your essentials from cell-phone, ipod, glasses and credit cards and keys.It is handcrafted from racy red upholstery leather that feels luxurious in your hands. Whether you're stepping out with your friends of just shopping for a few things pouch is perfect.

Sisters Make The Best of Friends

Sisters Make The Best of Friendspainted on a black worn finish with pretty hand painted roses. Sign measures 6 x 14 inches.Sign is made of ½ inch Medex mdf, an exterior grade building material which won't warp or crack due to weather and painting is sealed so this is ready to be hung outside if desired.

Lime Green and Purple Swiffer Sweeper Dust Cloth

Save yourself money with these reusable dusting cloths made to fit your Swiffer Sweeper. Just slide them onto your swiffer and use. Throw them into your laundry or rinse them out in our sink. Use them dry or wet.

Multi Colored Double Crochet Scarf

Double crocheted scarf with fringe. Measures: 54" x 5"Materials: 88% Acrylic, 12% Nylon Yarn

Mommy and Friends Finger Puppets - Imagination at Play

Imagination is so important for little kids minds. Watch your kids play make pretend with these adorable finger puppets.You'll receive a set of three puppets. A special mommy puppet. She's holding three of your little ones in her hands.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing Jenn from JazzyJemz

Today's ACT PowerUp Spotlight is on Jenn from JazzyJemz and My Bragg Bag.

Jenn is an Army wife and mother to a beautiful toddler and two cats. She has been an avid crocheter since she was 7. She daubles in knitting and loves to draw. She has been crafting all her life, thanks to her wonderful teacher- her mother. She won her first art contest at the age of 7 and had her pen and ink drawing of a white tiger published. After graduating college and working several years as a social worker, her drive shifted back to crochet and sewing when her daughter was born. She self taught herself to sew!! She has always had a passion in creating items with her hands.

JazzyJemz has clothing, toys, blankets, bibs, burp cloths and more items for babies and nursing items and diaper bags for the moms. MyBraggBag is where you can find custom-made military purses. She has also plans to expand the line of items in MyBraggBag to include other Military related accessories & clothing.

Just for you, Jenn has kindly offered Free shipping on all orders over $30 until the end of the August!! What are you waiting for?? Get Shopping!!

Jenn is also an Artfire Cafemom Team Guild Master and an admin for the Artfire Sew What Guild. She also holds membership in several other teams/ guilds on both Artfire and Etsy. Her commitment to promoting Handmade really inspires me and many mommies around.

Visit Jenn at
JazzyJemz Blog
MyBraggBag Store
JazzyJemz Store