Sunday, August 30, 2009

Say Hello to Christie from Stitch'N Love

I was so lucky to have Christie sponsor a giveaway on my other blog, Front Porch Reviews. She gave away a beautiful Patriotic outfit. Christie's shop on Artfire is called Stitch'N Love Boutique. Besides the beautiful Patriotic clothing, she makes other children's clothing plus accessories for you and your child.

Christie has been selling online for a little over a year. She learned how to sew as a teenager and has always been interested in crafts. When she originally started Stitch'N Love, it was to make quilts. She then moved into handbags, hairbows, nap mats and then it exploded into making clothing. She now does a little bit of everything and hopes to have a full service online boutique.

I stopped by her Artfire shop to see what items caught my eye to spotlight here. Here are a few of my favorites:

Playtime TeePee
Kids LOVE to play and hide, why not let them play and hide in this indoor/outdoor playtime tepee?
Made from cotton fabric and birch wooden poles, they will have a wonderful time in and out of this play area. Tepee measures about 40" square at the bottom. Two preschoolers can fit inside! Even a 12 year old did! Poles are around 60". Poles are encased in the tepee but can come out for easy washing of the tepee if it ever needs to be cleaned! Door opening is about 25". The flaps can be thrown over to the poles for wide open entry or hang down for the little bit of "Privacy" that little ones love to have!
Can be set up indoors (great for watching cartoons and such too) or outdoors. Not advisable to keep outside for extended periods of time or in rain. Is not waterproof.

Oogle-Google Eyed Monster Pillow
Oogle-Google Eyed Monster isn't so scary. Actually, he is quite sweet and loves to cuddle! Those yellow teeth smiling at you let's you know that he is up to something!

Christie has offered a 15% discount to my blog readers. Use Coupon Code ACT2009 during the checkout process. Valid until September 2, 2009.

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