Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Mom's Crafts

When I was a child I used to watch my mom with great delight. She was always making something. Whether it was Christmas ornaments for our Christmas Tree, pillows for the couch, ceramics, fabric covered photo albums or fabric painting. I can't remember what the fabric painting was techinically called but there were little tubes of paint that she would use to color in images preprinted on fabric. Later she'd frame them and put them on the wall. If anyone remembers what it's called, please let me know.
Anyways, my mother was always creating something and she was always kind enough to let us help out and create our own crafts. Last month when I started thinking about opening a shop on Artfire, I immediately thought of my mom and her talent of creating crafts. She had been crocheting scarves and arm warmers for my daughter the last couple of years. I asked her if she'd like to start selling them online with me and she was so excited. Right now in our shop she is selling scarves, a wrist cuff and a belt. She's currently making some dishclothes for me and some longer scarves. Please stop by our shop and click on the link on the right called Scarves and other crochet items to see what she has in our shop.

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Jule said...

Lovely! Thanks so much for including my dianthus seeds. :)