Friday, July 31, 2009

Coupon and Promotional Codes

I received great news today in my Artfire Newsletter from Artfire. They will be releasing coupon and promotional codes soon that sellers can use on their studios.

Coupon Codes / Gift Certificates are being tested now. This new feature is robust and allows for many of the most popular promotional codes and a great deal of customization. Our goal with this coupon code engine is to give artisans the ability to use their creativity in promotion to try many different combinations of codes and discounts. The new coupon codes will be out shortly and we welcome your feedback as we roll them out.

I am very excited about this enhancement. There are times when I like to run specials within my shop but haven't been able to do so without having the buyer jump through hoops (either email me and I need to reinvoice them or pay via paypal and I have to refund the discount).

Good job Artfire - now I just wish they would allow me to see sold items from other sellers shops.

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