Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trade and Stay Event

The Trading Post Guild on Artfire is hosting the first Trade and Stay Event within the Forums.

A trade and stay event starts with a relatively small list of shops who are ready and willing to trade (the list has since grown). Anyone who trades with one of those shops is then added to the list, and it just keeps growing! You can always trade with people not on the list, but you can not be added to the trade and stay list unless you trade with someone already on the list.

Find hundreds more trade-able items by searching Artfire for the tag "Trading Post", find trade-friendly shops in our guild roster.

You do not have to be a member of The Trading Post Guild to play! If you would like to join the guild, you are more than welcome. Only verified sellers may join guilds on Artfire, but all members are welcome to join in this event. However, some members feel more confident about trading with verified members, so it might be a good opportunity to become verified!

The Trade and Stay Event started on Sunday, November 1st and goes through Saturday, November 7th.

Stop by the forum today to join in the fun! 52 Days until Christmas - get some Christmas "shopping" done through Artfire and The Trading Post.

We'd love for all Artfire sellers to come and join us. You can find us in the Artfire Promotions Forum.

I am always open for trades from my With our Hands Studio.

1 comment:

Scarlet Leonard said...

Yes everyone come trade, it's so much fun.
I've picked up some great gifts so far and a few treats for myself.